Saturday’s Brekkie at Cammeray shops- Maggio Cafe

June has been a busy month for me as it is the end of the financial year. Thank God it is July now. And, I finally have some time to pen my food thoughts down. I love the area where I reside now. It got nice little shops and restaurants which basically supply me with a range of food from breakfast to dinner.  One of my favourite place for breakfast would be at Maggio Cafe, especially when it is a bright and sunny Saturday.

Walked over to the Cammeray shops and noticed lots of people having sumptuous breakfast, walking their dogs and grabbing that much deserved coffee. For the coffee addicts, Cammeray has a few shops that serve nice coffee too.

Maggio’s cafe is always busy on the weekends and weekday mornings. I guess it is all due to the warmth of the friendly service staff ,great coffees and food.  I was so happy when my big breakfast arrived as it has all my favourites in it. Crispy bacons, fried eggs, tomatoes and toasted baguette ended the meal pleasantly. Great for brunch as I could easily skip lunch as it was pretty filling… More posts to come soon. Stay tuned.



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