Dinner at Jonga Jip Korean Barbecue (Eastwood)

It has been a while since we last dined out at our favourite Korean BBQ hangout, Jonga Jip. It is located at the mini korean town over at Eastwood, just 5 mins walk to the Eastwood train station. There are heaps of shops such as Korean minimarts, cafes, restaurants and hairdressing salons.

I was walking around the place looking out for new eateries and noticed a couple of new shops, which may appear in my future list for dining. One of my other BBQ favourites is at BBQ City over at Liverpool Street, Sydney.

I like this place as the service staff are pretty good, efficient and they have a widespread selection of side dishes from fishcakes to salads etc.

I have personally brought couple of friends here for dinner and they all seem to be rather happy with the overall dining experience. Food is good and price is reasonable, for the amount of side dishes you can feast on.

Upon being seated at the table, we immediately ordered our usual favourites, the beef bulgogi- $19, which was so well marinated long enough for the flavour to really set in into this tender beef slices.

Next, we ordered my wife’s favourite marinated grilled chicken -$19. These chicken take a bit long to get cooked to perfection but the taste is so good. As I am recollecting last night’s dinner, I am also salivating with hunger just at the thought of it.. Yum.

Lastly, I ordered my favourite beef rib fingers-$17. These chunky rib fingers have a bit of fat in it but it makes the bbq experience even better. Also, you have to dip the cooked rib fingers into the mixture of sesame oil and sea salt that is provided for. It is not marinated like the previous two, so you got to dip it into the tasty mix.

Alright, time for the wide range of side dishes to accompany the lovely meal. We got mashed potato, kimichi, bean sprouts, fishcakes, salads and so much more. I actually ordered another serving of the side dishes after the initial round. Mum says it is good for us to consume more vegetables. Hehe. That was no plain excuse for this gluttony.

My hands was started to get soiled as I was busy cutting the meats to bite sized pieces, while another hand was helping itself to the side dishes. I could not take many pictures of the end product. But, I managed to take a picture of the BBQ process. It is so delicious, having charcoal placed at the base of the BBQ stove..Enjoy!  You could also try their delicious seafood pancake too.

Here is the address of the great BBQ restaurant in Eastwood.

Jonga Jip

87 Rowe Street


02 9858 5160


Birthday Dinner at Golden Century Seafood Restaurant

It is the time of the year that we have a massive celebration with some of my great pals here in Sydney. It was our joint birthday celebration and we decided to head over to Golden Century Seafood for some crabs etc.

The last time we went to this restaurant, we were nearly scarred for life. That was we did not have have a closer look at the price of the fresh prawns, which turn out to be so expensive. We promised ourselves that we will look at the prices before nodding our heads, irregardless of the tempting delicacies that await us.

We ordered some sweet and sour soup ($6.50 each) and I must admit that it was a good way to start the meal. Pardon me for the pictures as the pictures got taken after the first scoop was taken. ūüė¶ You cannot fault a hungry person.

The service was also impeccable and they served us with a nicely brewed oolong tea.

After we had gobbled our tea, our next chicken dish arrived. It was the Crisp skin chicken with ginger and shallots. $19.00

I must admit that this dish took us by surprise. The chicken’s skin was fried to perfection and the meat was well marinated in the delicious sauce that accompanied it.

Our main highlight arrived shortly and it was the snow crab fried with shallots.

Initially, the 5 of us wanted to order their famed and massive king crab with noodles. But, we were taken aback by the high price tag. Thus, we ordered the snow crab instead. The meat of the crab was nice and we were happy to see that it came with the roe which I had missed. The verdict: it was delicious but the portion was a little small for 5 hungry people. The crabs costs around $90, as it weighed more than 1.2 kg.

We had two more dishes that came as part of the meal. They were the Chinese brocolli poached with oyster sauce. $13.80.

It was good and tasty and the vegetables were so crunchy. The most disappointing dish of the day was the Salt & pepper fried bean curd. $16.80

My honest opinion was that the tofu was not fried to perfection at all. It seem a bit too rush, not crispy at all. The flour and seasoning was not to scratch. The batter did not hold it well, as compared to many others fried tofu I have tasted around Australia. This was the only dish that had heaps left.

After the hearty meal, we were served with a plate of chinese cookies, fruits and other desserts such as red bean soup and some fried fritters. It was an awesome way to end the meal… Keep up the good work and we will surely come back…

Overall Verdict: Very good. And we will come back again for the King Crab, once we have saved enough money… Remember to make bookings as the queue tends to be rather long…

Golden Century Seafood Restaurant

393-399 Sussex Street

Sydney NSW 2000

Tel: 02 9212 3901

Thursday Food Markets at Chatswood , NSW

Time flies and I do not seem to be able to finish all the blogging work that I was supposed to do… Anyway, had to be at chatswood to meet up couple of mates. After that, my tummy started growling. And, I decided to treat it well as the markets in Chatswood were still open.

Went to Mamak and ordered the roti telur($6.50). The 4 slices of roti could be a bit more crisp as it tasted a bit thick. However, the curry and the sambal that came along with it was good. It was a little spicy but it was so shiok, especially when the night was getting colder. I guess having roti in Sydney is already pretty decent, as compared to years ago. No complains.

Mamak's Roti Telur

I was happy but was still hungry, so I popped by another favourite haunt- Takoyaki (octopus balls) They had various versions of it, prawns, octopus etc. But, i still liked the original version- octopus.


Waited for a few minutes as it was already 7 plus in the evening. I got my takoyaki. Guess what? They threw another additional ball for me for free. 5 balls for the price of 4. Awesome… It was yummy, with drizzles of mayo, nori (seaweed) & bonito flakes. Here is it. I am happy finally. ūüôā

The Magnificent Takoyaki

Another Ramen Experience in Sydney – Ramen Genki

Hi friends, I do apologise for not getting back to my writing of my food blog. You see, I have been preoccupied with travelling and also eating. The speed of eating seems to be much faster than that of blogging. Not sure why. I try to be good in future.

One of my food mates suggested that we checked out a popular ramen shop, Japanese Noodle Genki located in Artarmon, nsw. He was introduced to the ramen place by another foodie. I have always loved ramen. It got even better when I had the opportunity to try out the best ramen in Tokyo & Osaka a few years ago. This food hunt is getting exciting.

It was just a stone’s throw away from the Artarmon train station and I was amazed by how many Japanese shops there were in this small alley way. Sushi ya, a japanese izakaya, japanese bookstore and a japanese minimart were all in the same area as Ramen Genki. ¬†There was a little queue when we got there but it was our turn in around 10 mins’ time. Not a long wait unlike other ramen places that I have been to.



When it came to my turn, I ordered the tonkotsu ramen. (Noodles with pork bone stock) $11.00  Also, I ordered additional items to go with the ramen. That included a boiled egg ($1.50) and a seaweed sheet ($1.50). Service in general was quite good and efficient. It is always great having dinner when the service staff are all smiling.  It was a pleasant surprise when they delivered the ramen as it also included some nice, slightly spicy pickled vegetables. It was the same as in Japan.



The soup was pretty tasty yet light, unlike the thick broth that I would find at Ryo’s noodles. The eggs could be better, as it was way too overcooked. One thing for sure is that the helping of noodles were large. So large till I had to surrender.

I had also ordered the croquettes ($5.50) and the gyoza ($6.00).


The gyoza was nicely cooked, with juicy cabbage and meat stuffing. The chilli and vinegar dip was a great pair with the delicious gyozas.



The potato croquettes was fried to perfection, accompanied with the tonkatsu sauce.  I must admit that I could easily visit Artarmon again for its japanese food. I also heard that Ramen Genki serve great curry rice. I will check it out the next time. Meanwhile, the details of the eatery can be found here.

Ramen Genki 

6 Wilkes Road, Artarmon NSW 2064

tel: 02 9410 3777

My Favourite Thai Restaurant in Sydney : Chat Thai

Hi Everyone, I have decided to feature a blog on my favourite Thai restaurant, Chat Thai. I have been to the branches over in Manly and Haymarket. I love the one over at Haymarket as they have a wide range of tempting and mouth watering desserts, in addition to their tasty dishes. A word of caution: One has to be patient if you are waiting for a table without making any prior reservations. You could simply wait from around 30 mins to an hour or so, due to every popular crowd waiting to be served.

It pays to be patient, especially at Chat Thai

After a wait of around 1 hour, we managed to get into the restaurant and we began making orders without any hesitation. I have been to Chat Thai at least more than 10 times in a year and there are dishes which I simply prefer to others. Firstly, we ordered the LARPB GAI ($12), which is a spicy minced chicken salad. Served on a bed of spanish onions and lettuces, the chicken salad is light, tasty and a bit spicy.


The next dish we ordered was the¬†DTOM SAAP ($14). It was my wife’s favourites as the pork ribs were cooked till perfection in the rich tasty and spicy soup. The meat of the pork ribs fall off effortlessly as you place it inside your mouth. Tender and tasty, it is also available in beef too.


Tried the GAENG PANANG NUEA curry ($14), but it did not entice me that well.  Just found it to be a bit too sweet for my liking. That is due to the fact that I still prefer the Singaporean & Malaysian style curries, which is completely different from the Thai version.


Lastly, we got our favourite desserts from Chat Thai. Their desserts are yummy.

I ordered the durian with sticky rice . It was rich and well prepared. Tasty pieces of durian with generous servings of coconut cream over the glutinous rice. Sinful yet satisfying.


My dearest woman ordered her favourite coconut ice cream. It is fresh coconut made into ice cream and place on top a tasty portion of glutinous rice and palm seeds. I did take a scoop or two, plus finishing the peanuts too.


That was the best finale to my sumptuous meal. Love you heaps Chat Thai and I will be back soon.

Chat Thai Haymarket

20 Campbell Street 

9211 1808

Lunch: 10 am to 5 pm

Dinner:5 pm to 10 pm

Supper: 9.30 pm to 2 am

May’s Blog on last weekend’s lunch at Pondok Buyung

I finally got myself glued to the computer, trying to write out last weekend’s blog. It was not easy to pen my thoughts while trying to savour heaps of delicious food around me. ¬†Last Sunday, we decided to check out an Indonesian eatery as suggested by my Indonesian friend. We drove all the way to Kensington to check the place out.

Pondok Buyung seems to be very  popular with the locals for their authentic Indonesian Padang Fare. By the time I got there, it was past one and I still had to queue. The only bad thing about this place is it is so packed with people and you got very little time to think about what you really want, especially when it gets to your turn.

When it came to my turn, I tried ordering for both my wife and myself with the limited command of Bahasa. So, I decided to simply indicate the dishes with my fingers. I got the rice with chilli potatoes, vegetables and chicken curry.

The chilli was not bad, but was not as spicy as the one over in Shalom Restaurant over in Broadway. Chicken curry was tender, dishes were pretty well done with that authentic flavour.

Hers was even better. She had fried fish, fried chicken and vegetables. It is much tastier than mine. The fried chicken was well marinated with spices and fried perfectly. As for the fried leather jacket, it was good too. All it needed for some tasty chilli sauce to complement it. On the other hand, she did not enjoy the fried bean sprouts as it tasted raw. The total price for the  2 orders were $19 dollars. You can get free tap water from the fridge to cool your burning tongue too.

Final Verdict: We shall return again for this authentic Indonesian Nasi Padang in Sydney. It should be one of the better Indonesian eatery around town. However, this place is simple looking , not fancy. Good for simple and quick yet tasty meals or take aways.

Pondok Buyung

124 Anzac Parade

Kensington Sydney Australia

(Open Thurs to Tuesday 11.30 am to 10pm)

61 2 966 322 96

Dinner at Sake Sake , Cammeray Stockland

It was a beautiful evening on Friday, especially when it was raining cats and dogs the previous weekend. We were thinking of having delicious Japanese food along the lower north shore, as I have been exhausted from my travel at work. I had been to Sake Sake couple of months ago for lunch & I was very satisfied with the quality of food I got.

Thus, we drove to Stockland Cammeray. Moreover, the parking was complimentary for the first 2 hours. Sake Sake looks so zen from the outside, reminding me of the Izakaya over in Japan where you could get delicious morsels of foods while busking in the Japanese culture.

We were ushered into the inviting warm decor of the cosy restaurant. We were looking at the menu and they had much to offer, plus a wide range of sake from Japan. The place was really cool looking and the service was great.

We ordered the Large Nigiri Sushi ($34), Chilli Teriyaki Salmon ($19), Chicken Karaage ($13) and Tonkatsu ($18) and we waited patiently for our food to arrive. In around 15 mins, our sushi arrived. It was well presented, nice slices of fresh fish placed on top of tasty rice morsels.

And, mins later, our mains arrived. The Chicken Karaage (Fried chicken pieces with sesame sauce). The tasty chicken morsels were all well fried, with tasty sesame sauce adorned on it.

And, my chilli teriyaki salmon. It was well prepared, cooked just nice, leaving the sweetness of the raw salmon bursting in our mouths. And, the salmon was well marinated in the chilli and pepper marinate and it was not too spicy at all.

Lastly, my Tonkatsu. The pork with a little bit of fats were well battered and fried to allow that crispiness to linger. Just the way I loved it, together with the 2 accompanying sauce that had hints of mirin, soya and a little alcohol. ¬†We were so happy with the food, that we have already made a date to be here on the Easter holidays to have their fantastic lunch bento box…Loving it.

Here is a recap of the delicious dinner we had on Friday. Delicious Japanese cuisine, just the way we loved it. Just remember to wash it down with cups of water or sake, and it would be just fine!!

Sake Sake

Location:  Shop 16, Stockland Cammeray

416 Miller Street, NSW 2062

02 9922 2288

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