Saturday’s Brekkie at Cammeray shops- Maggio Cafe

June has been a busy month for me as it is the end of the financial year. Thank God it is July now. And, I finally have some time to pen my food thoughts down. I love the area where I reside now. It got nice little shops and restaurants which basically supply me with a range of food from breakfast to dinner.  One of my favourite place for breakfast would be at Maggio Cafe, especially when it is a bright and sunny Saturday.

Walked over to the Cammeray shops and noticed lots of people having sumptuous breakfast, walking their dogs and grabbing that much deserved coffee. For the coffee addicts, Cammeray has a few shops that serve nice coffee too.

Maggio’s cafe is always busy on the weekends and weekday mornings. I guess it is all due to the warmth of the friendly service staff ,great coffees and food.  I was so happy when my big breakfast arrived as it has all my favourites in it. Crispy bacons, fried eggs, tomatoes and toasted baguette ended the meal pleasantly. Great for brunch as I could easily skip lunch as it was pretty filling… More posts to come soon. Stay tuned.



Visit to Singapore – Part 2

Has been a hectic week for me since my return to Sydney. Back to work, at a new environment and location, it does take a fair bit of adjusting though. Was browsing through the pictures that I had taken during my last trip to Singapore, it did bring a smile or two.
My parents decided to take us to the famous place (Puay Heng in the CBD (Central Business District) for their Bak Chor Mee (Minced Pork Noodles). I have been to the place numerous times and I have never been disappointed.
We ordered our noodles with chilli & black vinegar and it was served in minutes as the lunch crowd has yet to arrive. It had full of ingredients such as mushrooms, fishballs, pork slices and the noodles was cooked so nicely. It was so delicious and tasty.
After my brunch, I wanted to have some local delights and  I proceeded to Yat Kun coffeeshop. I ordered the half boiled eggs, the toasts with kaya and butter, and kopi c. It was such a delight, especially it has been a while since I feasted on such yummy tea snacks. Here are the pictures to elaborate on what I had just described. The eggs was done perfectly, not too raw and yet not fully cooked. Best eaten with dark soya sauce and white pepper.
And my toasts, nice crusty traditional bread with kaya and butter inserted between.
And last of all, my Kopi C to give me the caffeine that I needed badly. Kopi C is actually black coffee with evaporated milk and sugar added to it.
I went back home after the hearty meal and proceeded to more shopping. Will update the blog with more pictures. I am still contemplating to move over to another blog site… I wonder. Have a great week ahead.

The Food Hunt Begins In Singapore Part 1

Hi everybody, thanks for all the patience for awaiting the blogs to be published. Just spent around 2 weeks overseas. Of course, food is often the much talk about item. I guess it is already in my blood.

Let me show you couple of interesting pictures of the food that I had over in Singapore. When I immediately touched down, I got my dad to drive me to the Authentic Foo Chow Oyster Cake, located along Kitchener Road.  It has been at least three years since I had that delicious tasty meatpie with oysters, wrapped in a lovely and crispy batter.  Here are some of the pictures.



And,  you got the lady making the batter on the spot,  placing the fresh meat and oysters and deep frying it.


The owner of the stall told me that this was her first day opening the store after the Lunar New Year and I was lucky to be able to have those delicious oyster cakes. Moreover, we managed to grab the remaining three pieces. Oyster cakes cost S$1.40 and you could also have the one with the additional ingredients for an additional S$0.40.



Here are the precious oyster cakes, which I had placed into my mouth after taking those snapshots. Good to have especially if it is hot and best served with their chilli sauce. Yummy.  I simply miss Singapore’s hawker food, as they have a great variety of various ethnic groups and cultures, intertwined in its unique food culture.





After that fabulous entree, we proceeded to the nearby hawker centre for more mini snacks. I checked out my usual noodles stall, that specialises in tasty and meaty fish cakes. Ultimate. The thought of it makes my mouth waters.


We had mouthwatering fish cakes with sambal. Only 1.20 per piece. I think we ordered about 8 pieces, to be exact.



And, we had the famous black chicken herbal soup.  It was so full of goodness, ginseng, tender chicken and herbs all steamed for hours till the chicken essence saturates the soup.  Here is it… Yum. The chicken pieces can be dipped into the savoury garlic and chilli sauce.



That is all for today. We got heaps of food choices all lining up for us… Very nice , cheap and excellent, in terms of food quality. Snooze time. Good night.