My Favourite Thai Restaurant in Sydney : Chat Thai

Hi Everyone, I have decided to feature a blog on my favourite Thai restaurant, Chat Thai. I have been to the branches over in Manly and Haymarket. I love the one over at Haymarket as they have a wide range of tempting and mouth watering desserts, in addition to their tasty dishes. A word of caution: One has to be patient if you are waiting for a table without making any prior reservations. You could simply wait from around 30 mins to an hour or so, due to every popular crowd waiting to be served.

It pays to be patient, especially at Chat Thai

After a wait of around 1 hour, we managed to get into the restaurant and we began making orders without any hesitation. I have been to Chat Thai at least more than 10 times in a year and there are dishes which I simply prefer to others. Firstly, we ordered the LARPB GAI ($12), which is a spicy minced chicken salad. Served on a bed of spanish onions and lettuces, the chicken salad is light, tasty and a bit spicy.


The next dish we ordered was the DTOM SAAP ($14). It was my wife’s favourites as the pork ribs were cooked till perfection in the rich tasty and spicy soup. The meat of the pork ribs fall off effortlessly as you place it inside your mouth. Tender and tasty, it is also available in beef too.


Tried the GAENG PANANG NUEA curry ($14), but it did not entice me that well.  Just found it to be a bit too sweet for my liking. That is due to the fact that I still prefer the Singaporean & Malaysian style curries, which is completely different from the Thai version.


Lastly, we got our favourite desserts from Chat Thai. Their desserts are yummy.

I ordered the durian with sticky rice . It was rich and well prepared. Tasty pieces of durian with generous servings of coconut cream over the glutinous rice. Sinful yet satisfying.


My dearest woman ordered her favourite coconut ice cream. It is fresh coconut made into ice cream and place on top a tasty portion of glutinous rice and palm seeds. I did take a scoop or two, plus finishing the peanuts too.


That was the best finale to my sumptuous meal. Love you heaps Chat Thai and I will be back soon.

Chat Thai Haymarket

20 Campbell Street 

9211 1808

Lunch: 10 am to 5 pm

Dinner:5 pm to 10 pm

Supper: 9.30 pm to 2 am


May’s Blog on last weekend’s lunch at Pondok Buyung

I finally got myself glued to the computer, trying to write out last weekend’s blog. It was not easy to pen my thoughts while trying to savour heaps of delicious food around me.  Last Sunday, we decided to check out an Indonesian eatery as suggested by my Indonesian friend. We drove all the way to Kensington to check the place out.

Pondok Buyung seems to be very  popular with the locals for their authentic Indonesian Padang Fare. By the time I got there, it was past one and I still had to queue. The only bad thing about this place is it is so packed with people and you got very little time to think about what you really want, especially when it gets to your turn.

When it came to my turn, I tried ordering for both my wife and myself with the limited command of Bahasa. So, I decided to simply indicate the dishes with my fingers. I got the rice with chilli potatoes, vegetables and chicken curry.

The chilli was not bad, but was not as spicy as the one over in Shalom Restaurant over in Broadway. Chicken curry was tender, dishes were pretty well done with that authentic flavour.

Hers was even better. She had fried fish, fried chicken and vegetables. It is much tastier than mine. The fried chicken was well marinated with spices and fried perfectly. As for the fried leather jacket, it was good too. All it needed for some tasty chilli sauce to complement it. On the other hand, she did not enjoy the fried bean sprouts as it tasted raw. The total price for the  2 orders were $19 dollars. You can get free tap water from the fridge to cool your burning tongue too.

Final Verdict: We shall return again for this authentic Indonesian Nasi Padang in Sydney. It should be one of the better Indonesian eatery around town. However, this place is simple looking , not fancy. Good for simple and quick yet tasty meals or take aways.

Pondok Buyung

124 Anzac Parade

Kensington Sydney Australia

(Open Thurs to Tuesday 11.30 am to 10pm)

61 2 966 322 96

The Food Hunt Begins In Singapore Part 1

Hi everybody, thanks for all the patience for awaiting the blogs to be published. Just spent around 2 weeks overseas. Of course, food is often the much talk about item. I guess it is already in my blood.

Let me show you couple of interesting pictures of the food that I had over in Singapore. When I immediately touched down, I got my dad to drive me to the Authentic Foo Chow Oyster Cake, located along Kitchener Road.  It has been at least three years since I had that delicious tasty meatpie with oysters, wrapped in a lovely and crispy batter.  Here are some of the pictures.



And,  you got the lady making the batter on the spot,  placing the fresh meat and oysters and deep frying it.


The owner of the stall told me that this was her first day opening the store after the Lunar New Year and I was lucky to be able to have those delicious oyster cakes. Moreover, we managed to grab the remaining three pieces. Oyster cakes cost S$1.40 and you could also have the one with the additional ingredients for an additional S$0.40.



Here are the precious oyster cakes, which I had placed into my mouth after taking those snapshots. Good to have especially if it is hot and best served with their chilli sauce. Yummy.  I simply miss Singapore’s hawker food, as they have a great variety of various ethnic groups and cultures, intertwined in its unique food culture.





After that fabulous entree, we proceeded to the nearby hawker centre for more mini snacks. I checked out my usual noodles stall, that specialises in tasty and meaty fish cakes. Ultimate. The thought of it makes my mouth waters.


We had mouthwatering fish cakes with sambal. Only 1.20 per piece. I think we ordered about 8 pieces, to be exact.



And, we had the famous black chicken herbal soup.  It was so full of goodness, ginseng, tender chicken and herbs all steamed for hours till the chicken essence saturates the soup.  Here is it… Yum. The chicken pieces can be dipped into the savoury garlic and chilli sauce.



That is all for today. We got heaps of food choices all lining up for us… Very nice , cheap and excellent, in terms of food quality. Snooze time. Good night.


Recipe for Dark Soya Sauce Chicken with Chilli & Ginger

Cooking daily can be both a pain or a pleasure. The difficult thing is to avoid eating the same dish all over again, in the shortest span of time. Decided to prepare a chicken dish , stir frying in the humble wok. Here is it:


1 Chicken (chopped into bite sized pieces by butcher)

3 slices of ginger

1 bird eye chilli

1 teaspoon of diced garlic

1 tablespoon of oyster sauce

1 tablespoon of dark soya sauce

1 teaspoon of  white pepper

1/2 teaspoon of sugar

1 teaspoon of shaoxing wine

Half cup of water (for sauce)

Cornflour mixture- 1 teaspoon of corn flour mixed with 3 teaspoon of water.

2 teaspoon of sesame oil


  1. Heat wok. Add sesame oil.
  2. Fry the ginger slices, garlic and chilli on low heat
  3. Add chicken pieces
  4. Add oyster and dark soya sauce
  5. Add sugar and pepper
  6. Add Shaoxing Wine
  7. Ensure that chicken is cooked evenly, to allow sauce to permeate
  8. Add water to allow better cooking of chicken and to create a tasty sauce
  9. Cover it with the lid for about 20 mins, at low to medium heat
  10. Add cornflour mixture to thicken the sauce
  11. Serve in a nice bowl

This is a simple yet tasty chicken dish. Best to have it served together with jasmine rice. Here is a picture of the dish for you.

Glorious Food in Singapore!

When I flew into Singapore for a stopover, I was shocked that my parents had prepared a banquet that is fit for a King. It was so yummy, with food that I had always appreciated since my younger days.  Managed to snap couple of pictures as I believe that pictures do paint a thousand words.


Ikan Goreng

All I had in Singapore during this short trip was Food, more Food and more Food. Will be sharing more pictures on the sights over in Guangzhou the next

Ayam Buah Keluak

post. Was able to frequent shops for shopping, eat alongside the hawker stalls, top chinese restaurants and eateries. Amazing….

China is a good place to go about, shopping and eating. Armed with a chinese speaking spouse, that was even more

Stewed Pork Knuckles with Black Vinegar

amazing…. 🙂 You can get more for your money.