Lunch at Ceci Korean & Nice High Tea at Pasticceria Papa, Sydney Australia

Sydney is a beautiful state in Australia, blessed with its beautiful beaches and nice walks. Apart from that, I had managed to discover during my stay on several good locations for various cuisines such as Korean, Italian, Malaysian, Aussie etc. Woke up around midday today and realised that we needed to have a nice and delicious lunch before going around shopping with my darling. Drove all the way to Strathfield suburb and ended up in our favourite korean place for lunch. It is over at Ceci Korean Restaurant (Located at 37 The Boulevard, Strathfield)



Both of decided to order the spicy chicken set and the bulgogi beef set at only $13 each. They come with tasty side dishes like kimichi, bean sprouts and sweet potatoes.



These korean side dishes are so delicious, yet so healthy. I am a big fan of Kimichi and I have just bought a kg of kimichi which is suppose to last me for at least 2 weeks. I love the spicy chicken dish, very tender, succulent and little spicy. Portions are generous with added mushrooms and bean sprouts.



As for the beef bulgogi, it was sweet, tasty and tender. Very filling for both of us especially we had steamed rice and the 2 rounds of side dishes, with the generous helpings of the mains.



I love coming to Strathfield as it is like the Korea town in Sydney. Lots of korean shops, food, groceries, bakeries, thereby making it very interesting and unique in its identity. We also patronise the hair dressing salon over there as they are pretty trendy and reasonably priced. K pop sensation.. Woah. We were so full and we shopped around after the meal to work the calories off.

After that, I insisted visiting my favourite pastries shop over at Haberfield. They got the best Ricotta cake in Sydney, as far as I know. It seems that I have been eating non-stop. But, if you check this place out, you would realise that it is all worth every bite… Took me about 20 mins from Strathfield to Haberfield. Haberfield has many nice Italian restaurants too.

Ordered an almond pastry, ricotta cake, an earl grey and a cup of flat white. Conclusion: Love the ricotta cake to bits, not very excited about the almond pastry as it was too sweet for my taste…The tiramisu here is really nice as well. Ricotta cake was light, yet crumbles in your mouth. Beautifully done. Served with cinnamon dust and fresh cream. Goes well with tea and coffee.




The almond pastry I was talking about: looks nice in the picture but too sweet for me…


Finally coffee for me, tea for darling to end the afternoon with a bang.


Earl Grey- better if it were loose leaves…unfortunately



Location of Pasticceria Papa

145 Ramsay Road, Haberfield

Open 7 days.


Recipe: Bittergourd with Pork Ribs Soup

As I was planning to make a nice delicious soup for one evenings, I suddenly pondered on the soup I had over in Guangzhou. It was so nice, clear yet tasty and it helps eliminate the heat in our body by means of a key ingredient, Bittergourd.  Here are the ingredients for this yummy soup.


1) 400 – 500 grams of  pork ribs (blanched to remove blood)

2) 5 dried longans

3) 1 honey date

4) 1 medium size bittergourd (Remove pith, seeds, and cut into smaller strips)

5) 10 pcs of dried scallops (soak in water)

6) 5 dried oysters (soak in water)

7) 30 gram of soya beans

8)Salt (add to taste)

Cooking Instructions:

1) Blanch the bittergourd in the hot boiling water  for about 15 mins to remove its initial bitterness. Take it up and place it aside.

2)Boil a new pot of water (2 Litres)

3) Place all ingredients, including the blanched bittergourd into pot

4)Turn to high heat for next 30 mins. Leave it to simmer at low heat for next 1.5 hrs or so to allow the sweetness of the ingredients to diffuse into the soup.

5)Add salt to taste, based on individual preference.

The result would be a nice smelling, sweet tasting soup which would extremely beneficial to health. You could serve the ribs with a plate of soya sauce and cut chillies. Hope you enjoy the wonderful soup.

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Oh. I remembered the Lamb kebabs in Guangzhou..

I was looking through the pictures in Guangzhou, the most recent travel that I had made. And, I was looking at one particular picture which clearly depicts the food culture in Guangzhou. You got basically different cultures in China exhibiting their food. Had the skewered lamb kebabs. It was all so juicy, succulent, fragrant yet with a touch of chilli. That is something that you would not want to miss. Cheap and Good indeed.

Some other hawkers were selling little snacks around the clock. Another picture shows a hawker being annoyed at me snapping pictures of the nightlife plus the food scene. Guess he was thinking that he does not really look good in his clothes. Who knows?



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More Good Food in Guangzhou, chicken and seafood

True Blue Smelly Tofu

The transport over in Guangzhou is pretty alright, using its transport of subways and cabs. Was making our way to Huangsha, a famed place for seafood. I heard from the locals that this is the port where distribution of seafood actually takes places. Had taken some interesting pictures along the way as well. While we were walking, the smell of stinky tofu could be notices miles away. I was pretty curious as to what actually cause the stench? Could it be some refuse left behind, or could it be merely some local delicacies making its presence felt.  Took a step further and I noticed the following.  It is actually quite yummy. I was pretty hesitant initially, but was encouraged by the throngs of people that went over to order that hot crispy tofu dipped in extremely tasty but ammonia like smell….. wow.. I miss it…. now . Wonder whether it has the same smell as smelly cheese?





After that pre-dinner snack, we headed to the wet markets to go obtain our super fresh seafood, caught live from the tanks. After we had shopped and bargained our fair share of prawns, seafood, crabs, fishes, we decided to go to a popular restaurant to have our dinner.. It was good, yummy and a little pricey….based on local standard.


Live Seafood Markets

Guangzhou’s Great Food Spectacular! Food

I must admit that the trip to Guangzhou, China was pretty fun. A journey filled with great sights, culinary delights and non-stop adrenalin pumping shopping. I really enjoyed the Yue’s Cuisine, with inclusions such as Dim Sum & various cantonese specialities. I would have to leave you with some of the pictures that I had taken at some of the best places that I had dined in, together with my partner.

Yummy Seafood

Steamed Melon with Pickled Vegetable and Pork

Roast Chicken

The food in Guangzhou has been amazing. You could find out a good place to dine, by merely being extremely observant. I preferred going to places where there are heaps of people waiting to be served. And, it seems like it is all worth the wait.

The top 3 dishes were from 3 different restaurants. The 1st dish was served over at Huangsha, where we had to get our own seafood and then bring it to a restaurant of our choice. It was good, despite the high price and waiting time of an hour or so. Phew. The 2nd dish was from a restaurant called Xin Tian Di, a popular food chain based in Shanghai. The 3rd dish, the roasted chicken was at the restaurant (Yummy Restaurant) located at the hotel that I was staying during the initial stay in Guangzhou.

Let me upload more pictures and provide you with more details of our food trip to Guangzhou.. I must say the food was good and extremely affordable. Felt like a king….indeed.