The Food Hunt Begins In Singapore Part 1

Hi everybody, thanks for all the patience for awaiting the blogs to be published. Just spent around 2 weeks overseas. Of course, food is often the much talk about item. I guess it is already in my blood.

Let me show you couple of interesting pictures of the food that I had over in Singapore. When I immediately touched down, I got my dad to drive me to the Authentic Foo Chow Oyster Cake, located along Kitchener Road.  It has been at least three years since I had that delicious tasty meatpie with oysters, wrapped in a lovely and crispy batter.  Here are some of the pictures.



And,  you got the lady making the batter on the spot,  placing the fresh meat and oysters and deep frying it.


The owner of the stall told me that this was her first day opening the store after the Lunar New Year and I was lucky to be able to have those delicious oyster cakes. Moreover, we managed to grab the remaining three pieces. Oyster cakes cost S$1.40 and you could also have the one with the additional ingredients for an additional S$0.40.



Here are the precious oyster cakes, which I had placed into my mouth after taking those snapshots. Good to have especially if it is hot and best served with their chilli sauce. Yummy.  I simply miss Singapore’s hawker food, as they have a great variety of various ethnic groups and cultures, intertwined in its unique food culture.





After that fabulous entree, we proceeded to the nearby hawker centre for more mini snacks. I checked out my usual noodles stall, that specialises in tasty and meaty fish cakes. Ultimate. The thought of it makes my mouth waters.


We had mouthwatering fish cakes with sambal. Only 1.20 per piece. I think we ordered about 8 pieces, to be exact.



And, we had the famous black chicken herbal soup.  It was so full of goodness, ginseng, tender chicken and herbs all steamed for hours till the chicken essence saturates the soup.  Here is it… Yum. The chicken pieces can be dipped into the savoury garlic and chilli sauce.



That is all for today. We got heaps of food choices all lining up for us… Very nice , cheap and excellent, in terms of food quality. Snooze time. Good night.



Sunday’s Lunch at Cho’s Dumpling King (Haymarket)

It was a nice cloudy day with cooler temperatures, sparing me with the intensity of the sun which I had for the past week. Went to Haymarket for our lunch. One of my favourite foods in my list was Taiwanese cuisine. They are famed for their bubble teas and tasty chicken chops and many other great foods. I miss those times that I had visited Taipei and Kaoshiung in Taiwan for its scenery, food and culture.

We went over to our favourite Taiwanese eatery, located along Thomas Street, Haymarket. Cho’s Dumpling King is housed over in Prince Centre  and it could only seat up to a capacity of about 20 persons. It is a popular place amongst international students, due to its wide range of food and its affordability. You would have to have a excellent level of patience while waiting for seats and it gets crowded during meal times. Average wait time would be around 20 mins to 30 mins, depending on the number of people waiting.

I love their chicken chop with rice, bento style. The tender chicken are being battered in a tasty batter and deep fried, served with an assortment of steamed rice, vegetables, pickles and fruit. It was affordable with a price tag of $9. I got an additional iced red tea for merely $1 and it was nice and fragrant.

I love their range of side dishes, that are displayed in the window displays fridge. They got a wide selections which range from pig entrails with vegetables, marinated prawns to tofu etc. They are $3.50 per dish. You can have it either with your mains, or you could order rice with minced pork to go with it. Do help yourself with the selection that is available for both lunch and dinner.

We ordered our favourite white baits fried in batter. It was nice to munch on the tiny fishes, together with the chilli they have provided. You would need to inform the waitress that you would require a dish of chilli or you may not have any.

And, the chilli with black beans which I think best complements the dish.

As it was around 2pm, my darling ordered their specials- tea time sets. She ordered the fried vermicelli with vegetables and meats. It was light and tasty. Best to be accompanied with the chilli sauce. She did get the iced green tea as part of the deal for just $6.50. It is suitable for those, who intends to have dinner in just couple of hours time and preferred having a small lunch.

The lunch was good and we were served fast as well. Cho’s Dumpling King is not a suitable place for you to have your lunch too slowly , as the staff tends to hurry you once you have finished eating. That goes without saying, as the number of people waiting for seats was ever increasing. We paid our bill and we went around to Paddy’s market to do our grocery shopping. Nice Sunday it was.

Sunday’s Lunch at Ryo’s Ramen

How I simply love the weekend, filled with beautiful sunshine and blue skies. I had woke up early this morning to sort out my blogging contents and to learn new ways of blogging. I realised that it is not easy to be a foodie and a food blogger at the same time. Kudos to those Australian food bloggers for leading the way. I will persevere and will not give up eating or blogging.

We live in the lower north shore and we are just minutes away from our favourite ramen place, Ryo’s ramen. Initially, I hesitated to have ramen for lunch as the queue over at Ryo’s can be extremely long. However, the queue looks reasonable when I finally reached Ryo’s.

Waited for around 15 mins and we were ushered to our seat. Thankfully the short wait was still bearable, as I was starting to get very hungry. Ordered their No 1 Speciality, Soya Sauce Ramen with a plate of gyoza to go along. Ramen still priced reasonably at $11.50 and gyoza at $6.00.  Within minutes, we were served with the piping hot ramen. The taste was still so good, since the first time I stepped into the restaurant 2 years ago. When my mum came over to visit us, she would always want to have lunch here as she loves the nicely textured noodles in their flavoursome broth.

The boss was in a good mood, chatting with regulars. As I was armed with my SLR, I decided to take a couple of pictures of the food to feature in my blog. Here is the tasty ramen I had this afternoon. The noodles was well cooked, springy in its texture and resting in its tasty broth. The tender pieces of pork belly slices, soya sauce egg, bok choy, seaweed and fishcakes just went hand in hand with the noodles in the broth. I think the key to their success is due to the chef’s efforts taken to achieve such a tasty broth for the ramen. Somehow, I miss those times that I had ramen along the streets in Osaka. Amazing what memories food could bring you.

And, not forgetting our entree, the gyoza. It was well done, not overly cooked. Love dipping it into the vinegar and chilli oil sauce, as it brings out the taste of the gyoza and the meat and vegetable filling.  I am truly satisfied.

Just in case you need directions to get there, here is it.


Ryo’s Ramen

125 Falcon Street, Crows Nest. NSW

Open Mon To Sun (Wed Closed)


Lunch at Ceci Korean & Nice High Tea at Pasticceria Papa, Sydney Australia

Sydney is a beautiful state in Australia, blessed with its beautiful beaches and nice walks. Apart from that, I had managed to discover during my stay on several good locations for various cuisines such as Korean, Italian, Malaysian, Aussie etc. Woke up around midday today and realised that we needed to have a nice and delicious lunch before going around shopping with my darling. Drove all the way to Strathfield suburb and ended up in our favourite korean place for lunch. It is over at Ceci Korean Restaurant (Located at 37 The Boulevard, Strathfield)



Both of decided to order the spicy chicken set and the bulgogi beef set at only $13 each. They come with tasty side dishes like kimichi, bean sprouts and sweet potatoes.



These korean side dishes are so delicious, yet so healthy. I am a big fan of Kimichi and I have just bought a kg of kimichi which is suppose to last me for at least 2 weeks. I love the spicy chicken dish, very tender, succulent and little spicy. Portions are generous with added mushrooms and bean sprouts.



As for the beef bulgogi, it was sweet, tasty and tender. Very filling for both of us especially we had steamed rice and the 2 rounds of side dishes, with the generous helpings of the mains.



I love coming to Strathfield as it is like the Korea town in Sydney. Lots of korean shops, food, groceries, bakeries, thereby making it very interesting and unique in its identity. We also patronise the hair dressing salon over there as they are pretty trendy and reasonably priced. K pop sensation.. Woah. We were so full and we shopped around after the meal to work the calories off.

After that, I insisted visiting my favourite pastries shop over at Haberfield. They got the best Ricotta cake in Sydney, as far as I know. It seems that I have been eating non-stop. But, if you check this place out, you would realise that it is all worth every bite… Took me about 20 mins from Strathfield to Haberfield. Haberfield has many nice Italian restaurants too.

Ordered an almond pastry, ricotta cake, an earl grey and a cup of flat white. Conclusion: Love the ricotta cake to bits, not very excited about the almond pastry as it was too sweet for my taste…The tiramisu here is really nice as well. Ricotta cake was light, yet crumbles in your mouth. Beautifully done. Served with cinnamon dust and fresh cream. Goes well with tea and coffee.




The almond pastry I was talking about: looks nice in the picture but too sweet for me…


Finally coffee for me, tea for darling to end the afternoon with a bang.


Earl Grey- better if it were loose leaves…unfortunately



Location of Pasticceria Papa

145 Ramsay Road, Haberfield

Open 7 days.

Recipe: Bittergourd with Pork Ribs Soup

As I was planning to make a nice delicious soup for one evenings, I suddenly pondered on the soup I had over in Guangzhou. It was so nice, clear yet tasty and it helps eliminate the heat in our body by means of a key ingredient, Bittergourd.  Here are the ingredients for this yummy soup.


1) 400 – 500 grams of  pork ribs (blanched to remove blood)

2) 5 dried longans

3) 1 honey date

4) 1 medium size bittergourd (Remove pith, seeds, and cut into smaller strips)

5) 10 pcs of dried scallops (soak in water)

6) 5 dried oysters (soak in water)

7) 30 gram of soya beans

8)Salt (add to taste)

Cooking Instructions:

1) Blanch the bittergourd in the hot boiling water  for about 15 mins to remove its initial bitterness. Take it up and place it aside.

2)Boil a new pot of water (2 Litres)

3) Place all ingredients, including the blanched bittergourd into pot

4)Turn to high heat for next 30 mins. Leave it to simmer at low heat for next 1.5 hrs or so to allow the sweetness of the ingredients to diffuse into the soup.

5)Add salt to taste, based on individual preference.

The result would be a nice smelling, sweet tasting soup which would extremely beneficial to health. You could serve the ribs with a plate of soya sauce and cut chillies. Hope you enjoy the wonderful soup.

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Mangoes in Summer!

One of the fruits that I simply go crazy for would be Mangoes, especially Honey  Gold Mangoes from Darwin. My mum love the sweet juicy mangoes and she had one each day when she was here last year for a holiday. I don’t blame her at all, because I am equally addicted to the sweetness and juiciness of the succulent mango.

I feel that different brands do differ in sweetness and quality overall. So, I had purchased at least 2 crates of Honey Gold from Harris Farm supermarket. You could simply have them stripped bare and serve in desserts like ice cream, on rocks, as mango puddings or simply mango juice. The thais use them with sticky rice and coconut.

Here is a picture of them lying in the boxes before I start having them, one every day. Remember to get the nice mangoes which are available during summertime and refrigerate them as they taste even better when cold. YUMMY!