Dinner at Jonga Jip Korean Barbecue (Eastwood)

It has been a while since we last dined out at our favourite Korean BBQ hangout, Jonga Jip. It is located at the mini korean town over at Eastwood, just 5 mins walk to the Eastwood train station. There are heaps of shops such as Korean minimarts, cafes, restaurants and hairdressing salons.

I was walking around the place looking out for new eateries and noticed a couple of new shops, which may appear in my future list for dining. One of my other BBQ favourites is at BBQ City over at Liverpool Street, Sydney.

I like this place as the service staff are pretty good, efficient and they have a widespread selection of side dishes from fishcakes to salads etc.

I have personally brought couple of friends here for dinner and they all seem to be rather happy with the overall dining experience. Food is good and price is reasonable, for the amount of side dishes you can feast on.

Upon being seated at the table, we immediately ordered our usual favourites, the beef bulgogi- $19, which was so well marinated long enough for the flavour to really set in into this tender beef slices.

Next, we ordered my wife’s favourite marinated grilled chicken -$19. These chicken take a bit long to get cooked to perfection but the taste is so good. As I am recollecting last night’s dinner, I am also salivating with hunger just at the thought of it.. Yum.

Lastly, I ordered my favourite beef rib fingers-$17. These chunky rib fingers have a bit of fat in it but it makes the bbq experience even better. Also, you have to dip the cooked rib fingers into the mixture of sesame oil and sea salt that is provided for. It is not marinated like the previous two, so you got to dip it into the tasty mix.

Alright, time for the wide range of side dishes to accompany the lovely meal. We got mashed potato, kimichi, bean sprouts, fishcakes, salads and so much more. I actually ordered another serving of the side dishes after the initial round. Mum says it is good for us to consume more vegetables. Hehe. That was no plain excuse for this gluttony.

My hands was started to get soiled as I was busy cutting the meats to bite sized pieces, while another hand was helping itself to the side dishes. I could not take many pictures of the end product. But, I managed to take a picture of the BBQ process. It is so delicious, having charcoal placed at the base of the BBQ stove..Enjoy!  You could also try their delicious seafood pancake too.

Here is the address of the great BBQ restaurant in Eastwood.

Jonga Jip

87 Rowe Street


02 9858 5160