Another Ramen Experience in Sydney – Ramen Genki

Hi friends, I do apologise for not getting back to my writing of my food blog. You see, I have been preoccupied with travelling and also eating. The speed of eating seems to be much faster than that of blogging. Not sure why. I try to be good in future.

One of my food mates suggested that we checked out a popular ramen shop, Japanese Noodle Genki located in Artarmon, nsw. He was introduced to the ramen place by another foodie. I have always loved ramen. It got even better when I had the opportunity to try out the best ramen in Tokyo & Osaka a few years ago. This food hunt is getting exciting.

It was just a stone’s throw away from the Artarmon train station and I was amazed by how many Japanese shops there were in this small alley way. Sushi ya, a japanese izakaya, japanese bookstore and a japanese minimart were all in the same area as Ramen Genki.  There was a little queue when we got there but it was our turn in around 10 mins’ time. Not a long wait unlike other ramen places that I have been to.



When it came to my turn, I ordered the tonkotsu ramen. (Noodles with pork bone stock) $11.00  Also, I ordered additional items to go with the ramen. That included a boiled egg ($1.50) and a seaweed sheet ($1.50). Service in general was quite good and efficient. It is always great having dinner when the service staff are all smiling.  It was a pleasant surprise when they delivered the ramen as it also included some nice, slightly spicy pickled vegetables. It was the same as in Japan.



The soup was pretty tasty yet light, unlike the thick broth that I would find at Ryo’s noodles. The eggs could be better, as it was way too overcooked. One thing for sure is that the helping of noodles were large. So large till I had to surrender.

I had also ordered the croquettes ($5.50) and the gyoza ($6.00).


The gyoza was nicely cooked, with juicy cabbage and meat stuffing. The chilli and vinegar dip was a great pair with the delicious gyozas.



The potato croquettes was fried to perfection, accompanied with the tonkatsu sauce.  I must admit that I could easily visit Artarmon again for its japanese food. I also heard that Ramen Genki serve great curry rice. I will check it out the next time. Meanwhile, the details of the eatery can be found here.

Ramen Genki 

6 Wilkes Road, Artarmon NSW 2064

tel: 02 9410 3777


Sunday’s Lunch at Ryo’s Ramen

How I simply love the weekend, filled with beautiful sunshine and blue skies. I had woke up early this morning to sort out my blogging contents and to learn new ways of blogging. I realised that it is not easy to be a foodie and a food blogger at the same time. Kudos to those Australian food bloggers for leading the way. I will persevere and will not give up eating or blogging.

We live in the lower north shore and we are just minutes away from our favourite ramen place, Ryo’s ramen. Initially, I hesitated to have ramen for lunch as the queue over at Ryo’s can be extremely long. However, the queue looks reasonable when I finally reached Ryo’s.

Waited for around 15 mins and we were ushered to our seat. Thankfully the short wait was still bearable, as I was starting to get very hungry. Ordered their No 1 Speciality, Soya Sauce Ramen with a plate of gyoza to go along. Ramen still priced reasonably at $11.50 and gyoza at $6.00.  Within minutes, we were served with the piping hot ramen. The taste was still so good, since the first time I stepped into the restaurant 2 years ago. When my mum came over to visit us, she would always want to have lunch here as she loves the nicely textured noodles in their flavoursome broth.

The boss was in a good mood, chatting with regulars. As I was armed with my SLR, I decided to take a couple of pictures of the food to feature in my blog. Here is the tasty ramen I had this afternoon. The noodles was well cooked, springy in its texture and resting in its tasty broth. The tender pieces of pork belly slices, soya sauce egg, bok choy, seaweed and fishcakes just went hand in hand with the noodles in the broth. I think the key to their success is due to the chef’s efforts taken to achieve such a tasty broth for the ramen. Somehow, I miss those times that I had ramen along the streets in Osaka. Amazing what memories food could bring you.

And, not forgetting our entree, the gyoza. It was well done, not overly cooked. Love dipping it into the vinegar and chilli oil sauce, as it brings out the taste of the gyoza and the meat and vegetable filling.  I am truly satisfied.

Just in case you need directions to get there, here is it.


Ryo’s Ramen

125 Falcon Street, Crows Nest. NSW

Open Mon To Sun (Wed Closed)