Dinner at Jonga Jip Korean Barbecue (Eastwood)

It has been a while since we last dined out at our favourite Korean BBQ hangout, Jonga Jip. It is located at the mini korean town over at Eastwood, just 5 mins walk to the Eastwood train station. There are heaps of shops such as Korean minimarts, cafes, restaurants and hairdressing salons.

I was walking around the place looking out for new eateries and noticed a couple of new shops, which may appear in my future list for dining. One of my other BBQ favourites is at BBQ City over at Liverpool Street, Sydney.

I like this place as the service staff are pretty good, efficient and they have a widespread selection of side dishes from fishcakes to salads etc.

I have personally brought couple of friends here for dinner and they all seem to be rather happy with the overall dining experience. Food is good and price is reasonable, for the amount of side dishes you can feast on.

Upon being seated at the table, we immediately ordered our usual favourites, the beef bulgogi- $19, which was so well marinated long enough for the flavour to really set in into this tender beef slices.

Next, we ordered my wife’s favourite marinated grilled chicken -$19. These chicken take a bit long to get cooked to perfection but the taste is so good. As I am recollecting last night’s dinner, I am also salivating with hunger just at the thought of it.. Yum.

Lastly, I ordered my favourite beef rib fingers-$17. These chunky rib fingers have a bit of fat in it but it makes the bbq experience even better. Also, you have to dip the cooked rib fingers into the mixture of sesame oil and sea salt that is provided for. It is not marinated like the previous two, so you got to dip it into the tasty mix.

Alright, time for the wide range of side dishes to accompany the lovely meal. We got mashed potato, kimichi, bean sprouts, fishcakes, salads and so much more. I actually ordered another serving of the side dishes after the initial round. Mum says it is good for us to consume more vegetables. Hehe. That was no plain excuse for this gluttony.

My hands was started to get soiled as I was busy cutting the meats to bite sized pieces, while another hand was helping itself to the side dishes. I could not take many pictures of the end product. But, I managed to take a picture of the BBQ process. It is so delicious, having charcoal placed at the base of the BBQ stove..Enjoy!  You could also try their delicious seafood pancake too.

Here is the address of the great BBQ restaurant in Eastwood.

Jonga Jip

87 Rowe Street


02 9858 5160


May’s Blog on last weekend’s lunch at Pondok Buyung

I finally got myself glued to the computer, trying to write out last weekend’s blog. It was not easy to pen my thoughts while trying to savour heaps of delicious food around me.  Last Sunday, we decided to check out an Indonesian eatery as suggested by my Indonesian friend. We drove all the way to Kensington to check the place out.

Pondok Buyung seems to be very  popular with the locals for their authentic Indonesian Padang Fare. By the time I got there, it was past one and I still had to queue. The only bad thing about this place is it is so packed with people and you got very little time to think about what you really want, especially when it gets to your turn.

When it came to my turn, I tried ordering for both my wife and myself with the limited command of Bahasa. So, I decided to simply indicate the dishes with my fingers. I got the rice with chilli potatoes, vegetables and chicken curry.

The chilli was not bad, but was not as spicy as the one over in Shalom Restaurant over in Broadway. Chicken curry was tender, dishes were pretty well done with that authentic flavour.

Hers was even better. She had fried fish, fried chicken and vegetables. It is much tastier than mine. The fried chicken was well marinated with spices and fried perfectly. As for the fried leather jacket, it was good too. All it needed for some tasty chilli sauce to complement it. On the other hand, she did not enjoy the fried bean sprouts as it tasted raw. The total price for the  2 orders were $19 dollars. You can get free tap water from the fridge to cool your burning tongue too.

Final Verdict: We shall return again for this authentic Indonesian Nasi Padang in Sydney. It should be one of the better Indonesian eatery around town. However, this place is simple looking , not fancy. Good for simple and quick yet tasty meals or take aways.

Pondok Buyung

124 Anzac Parade

Kensington Sydney Australia

(Open Thurs to Tuesday 11.30 am to 10pm)

61 2 966 322 96

Our weekend visit to Eight Modern Chinese Restaurant & Musashi Japanese Restaurant!

Our day started at 11.30 whereby we arranged to meet our friends for Yum Cha over at the newly opened restaurant , The Eight Modern Chinese Restaurant over at Harbour City. This newly opened establishment is run by the Zilver Group. The same group runs the ZIlver restaurant which is located at 477 Pitt Street, Haymarket . Zilver is a successfully run restaurant that serves one of the best dim sum and cantonese cuisine.

Thus, when my friend suggested that I check this place out, I did so without any hesitation. The place was packed with people, having their late breakfasts, brunches and lunches. As it was first time meeting some of the new friends, I had decided not to take too many pictures. We started ordering some of the nice dishes available. I would just show you the highlights of our meal, as we ordered a wide spread. We ordered the pork buns, which were fluffy and filled with delicious and juicy char siew. I think it was pretty yummy.

We ordered the prawn dumplings (Har Kow), and it was too juicy and its skin was moist and tender. I think the skin was made perfectly, unlike those prawn dumplings with super thick skins that I ate elsewhere. It was the popular dish at the table.

We ordered my darling’s favourite- steamed pork ribs. The succulent pork ribs was cooked in a nice and savoury sauce, topped with garlic and black bean. It was well cooked, very tender to the bite and we needed no effort in eating them.

Had some fried prawn fritters wrapped in seaweed. It was a little oily, but the fresh prawns gave it the crunch and texture to it. Moreover, the seaweed added to the overall taste of the dish.

We ordered heaps of prawns and vegetable’s dumplings, egg tarts, silken tofu, mango pudding, scallop dumplings from their extensive menu that do not seem to end. They were all so good.

I would think that the restaurant’s owners deserve a applause, for having maintained the quality of food throughout the restaurants. I enjoyed the yum cha here and over at Zilver and will be back for more the next time round. See you again.

The Eight Modern Chinese Restaurant

Level 3, Market City

9 Hay Street, Haymarket 2000

(02) 9282 9988

After our heavy lunch, we bade farewell to our new found friends and we went along our way. We were going to sing for couple of hours at our favourite Karaoke joint, Big Echo. Big echo is located Bathurst street, Sydney. They got great happy hour promotions for customers. We paid only $12 per pax for 3 hours of singing. Love it heaps, especially when free drinks are provided too.

After the 3 hours of singing, we were just walking along the streets in the hot summer. I walked past a shop- Ho’s Dim Sum kitchen, that was selling dim sum(frozen and fresh). What attracted me further was their displays of roasted char siew pastry , sesame balls and their egg tarts. They look awesome. Thus, I had decided to grab 2 for breakfast tomorrow.

And the pastries….

And the egg tarts and sesame balls,

Happily, I got my breakfast for tomorrow in my bag. We continued our walk around the area, doing some window shopping. Soon, it was six pm and we decided to stop for Japanese cuisine at the place called Musashi.

It was pretty early for dinner but I think the long hours of singing made me hungry. Thus, we decided to enter the restaurant to check out on its menu.

The weather was unbearable as it was extremely hot at around 40 Degrees Celsius.( due to heat wave) The waiter was very kind as he offered us 2 glasses of cold water with ice cubes. We really needed that, as it seems like the restaurant do not have air conditioning within. The restaurant was an ideal place to go to during a hot time like this, I wondered. However, we still made our dinner orders. I wanted something light and refreshing for a starter and ordered the Sashimi for entree ($11.80). The pieces of fish were pretty fresh, but I feel that it could be sliced better rather than being so chunky in its feel.

My darling ordered the Eel Roll ($15.90), which was pretty tasty. Tasty morsels of rice, covered with generous pieces of well marinated eel. That was pretty alright, I feel.

After having the entrees, we proceeded with our mains. I had the Wagyu beef steak ($17.80), in teppanyaki style. The meat was not very moist and was not as tender as I think it should be. Though there was accompanying sauce with it, I think that there is more room for improvement.

Finally, my darling’s main arrived. It was the katsu don($15.80). Meat was alright, though a little dry. Nothing really terrific, honestly.  I had better ones before.

Our overall trip was marred by the culinary experiences that we had. Judging by its pricing and the overall quality of food, I may just give it a miss the next time. Paying $61.20 in total for 2, yet feeling dissatisfied was not a happy feeling. I reckon some of the nice Japanese restaurants located in Neutral Bay are indeed much nicer in quality and perhaps even more economical.

Musashi Japanese Restaurant

447 Pitt Street


(02) 9280 0377

After we had our meal, we still felt as if we were on fire due to the intense heat. We then proceeded onto Chat Thai to get a takeaway of their famous Coconut Ice Cream($5). Loved it, nice and creamy, with peanuts and attap seeds added to it. No pictures unfortunately, as they all melted into our mouths as soon as they were served. See you soon in our next food hunt.

Saffron Restaurant in Arrowtown, New Zealand

Before going to bed, I was just looking at the interesting pictures I took when I was over in New Zealand couple of months ago. Thought I could also share it with you the experience of dining at this fine restaurant in Arrowtown, New Zealand.

We went there for lunch. It was not that packed, thankfully as it was mid-week. I read reviews prior popping by to have a look and a bite. When I at the entrance of the restaurant, the restaurant looked so inviting, beckoning us to enter. Great service greeted me as we were ushered to our seats. Had the chance to look through the menu.


We ordered 1 entree and 2 mains. We shared the delicious entree, which was so refreshing yet tasty to the palates.



I had the mussels with sourdough (Cannot remember the name honestly, but remembered the sweet and savoury New Zealand mussels, which were so big and meaty) Just so heavenly! Best mussels I had in my life, apart from those that are fried with sambal over in Singapore.


Lastly, she had the Grilled Akaroa Salmon served on stir fried black bean dressing.



And the rice with black sesame seeds, that comes with it.



I would say all the dishes were pretty good. Price ranges up to $3o for mains during lunch and it gets more expensive during dinner. Plus, they got a wide range of desserts, which I did not have any room to take further.  If you have a chance to be around Saffron, you should check it out as the New Zealand fresh produce goes hand in hand with the creative minds & excellent culinary skills of the chefs over at Saffron. I do hope you enjoy the pictures I had taken. Cheers