Thursday Food Markets at Chatswood , NSW

Time flies and I do not seem to be able to finish all the blogging work that I was supposed to do… Anyway, had to be at chatswood to meet up couple of mates. After that, my tummy started growling. And, I decided to treat it well as the markets in Chatswood were still open.

Went to Mamak and ordered the roti telur($6.50). The 4 slices of roti could be a bit more crisp as it tasted a bit thick. However, the curry and the sambal that came along with it was good. It was a little spicy but it was so shiok, especially when the night was getting colder. I guess having roti in Sydney is already pretty decent, as compared to years ago. No complains.

Mamak's Roti Telur

I was happy but was still hungry, so I popped by another favourite haunt- Takoyaki (octopus balls) They had various versions of it, prawns, octopus etc. But, i still liked the original version- octopus.


Waited for a few minutes as it was already 7 plus in the evening. I got my takoyaki. Guess what? They threw another additional ball for me for free. 5 balls for the price of 4. Awesome… It was yummy, with drizzles of mayo, nori (seaweed) & bonito flakes. Here is it. I am happy finally. 🙂

The Magnificent Takoyaki