Steamed Baby Abalone with Caramelised Onions

I went to the fish markets over in Eastwood the other day and was shocked to see live abalone in the fish shop. Abalones are one of my favourites seafood, so I just got a couple of it to see whether I could prepare a decent abalone dish.

I had to clean the abalones by soaking them in salt water for an hour, to make sure that it is thoroughly free from dirt etc. After that, I removed the abalone from its shell to prepare it for cooking.

All I did was having to steam the baby abalones for around 10 mins and drizzle some caramelised onion with soya sauce over it. And, my quick seafood meal is ready… It tasted very nice actually.

Here is a picture of my abalone dish. Hope you can enjoy it too.


Birthday Dinner at Golden Century Seafood Restaurant

It is the time of the year that we have a massive celebration with some of my great pals here in Sydney. It was our joint birthday celebration and we decided to head over to Golden Century Seafood for some crabs etc.

The last time we went to this restaurant, we were nearly scarred for life. That was we did not have have a closer look at the price of the fresh prawns, which turn out to be so expensive. We promised ourselves that we will look at the prices before nodding our heads, irregardless of the tempting delicacies that await us.

We ordered some sweet and sour soup ($6.50 each) and I must admit that it was a good way to start the meal. Pardon me for the pictures as the pictures got taken after the first scoop was taken. 😦 You cannot fault a hungry person.

The service was also impeccable and they served us with a nicely brewed oolong tea.

After we had gobbled our tea, our next chicken dish arrived. It was the Crisp skin chicken with ginger and shallots. $19.00

I must admit that this dish took us by surprise. The chicken’s skin was fried to perfection and the meat was well marinated in the delicious sauce that accompanied it.

Our main highlight arrived shortly and it was the snow crab fried with shallots.

Initially, the 5 of us wanted to order their famed and massive king crab with noodles. But, we were taken aback by the high price tag. Thus, we ordered the snow crab instead. The meat of the crab was nice and we were happy to see that it came with the roe which I had missed. The verdict: it was delicious but the portion was a little small for 5 hungry people. The crabs costs around $90, as it weighed more than 1.2 kg.

We had two more dishes that came as part of the meal. They were the Chinese brocolli poached with oyster sauce. $13.80.

It was good and tasty and the vegetables were so crunchy. The most disappointing dish of the day was the Salt & pepper fried bean curd. $16.80

My honest opinion was that the tofu was not fried to perfection at all. It seem a bit too rush, not crispy at all. The flour and seasoning was not to scratch. The batter did not hold it well, as compared to many others fried tofu I have tasted around Australia. This was the only dish that had heaps left.

After the hearty meal, we were served with a plate of chinese cookies, fruits and other desserts such as red bean soup and some fried fritters. It was an awesome way to end the meal… Keep up the good work and we will surely come back…

Overall Verdict: Very good. And we will come back again for the King Crab, once we have saved enough money… Remember to make bookings as the queue tends to be rather long…

Golden Century Seafood Restaurant

393-399 Sussex Street

Sydney NSW 2000

Tel: 02 9212 3901

More Good Food in Guangzhou, chicken and seafood

True Blue Smelly Tofu

The transport over in Guangzhou is pretty alright, using its transport of subways and cabs. Was making our way to Huangsha, a famed place for seafood. I heard from the locals that this is the port where distribution of seafood actually takes places. Had taken some interesting pictures along the way as well. While we were walking, the smell of stinky tofu could be notices miles away. I was pretty curious as to what actually cause the stench? Could it be some refuse left behind, or could it be merely some local delicacies making its presence felt.  Took a step further and I noticed the following.  It is actually quite yummy. I was pretty hesitant initially, but was encouraged by the throngs of people that went over to order that hot crispy tofu dipped in extremely tasty but ammonia like smell….. wow.. I miss it…. now . Wonder whether it has the same smell as smelly cheese?





After that pre-dinner snack, we headed to the wet markets to go obtain our super fresh seafood, caught live from the tanks. After we had shopped and bargained our fair share of prawns, seafood, crabs, fishes, we decided to go to a popular restaurant to have our dinner.. It was good, yummy and a little pricey….based on local standard.


Live Seafood Markets